The Science Behind the Secret

Quantum physics is the "Science Behind the Secret" says Dr. Travis S. Taylor, a 16-year NASA scientist, quantum physicist and propulsion expert in his recently completed book of the same name.

All the stuff we can "see" in the universe, black holes, galaxies, solar systems and the stuff we can see right here on Earth, the oceans, skies, dirt, plants, animals, rocks – everything including us – was once compressed into a single tiny point of one infinite den "thingy." That thingy, he explains, is the Big Bang Singularity.

He makes the point that everything in the Universe was at one time, connected. After the Big Bang Singularity, the Universe expanded and nearly 14 billion years later – what you see in your night's sky is the result of that one event.

"To be clear: I do not mean that we all are in the same universe; I truly mean that we are all part of our one single universe, and it all began one singularular point. and entangled with everything and everyone else that is a part of our universe. "

Led to the work of an anesthesiologist and a physician who were working on the theory (at that time) about the brain operating on a quantum scale, rather than on a neural network, he soon arrived at the realization that humans interact with the Universe through their thoughts.

During this time, he experienced three epipanies or "realizations." The first was that our brains operated like quantum computers (which do not exist yet, but are on the massive drawing table).

His second eureka moment was realizing that everything was connected, called "quantum connectedness." It does not matter how far apart two things are in the universe, whether one thing is on this side and the other on the opposite side of the universe – the communication and action between them is always instantaneous and sometimes simultaneous – became of this connection .

The third eureka moment came when his wife replayed an Oprah program that had members from the movie, "The Secret" discussing this very topic. He admits that some of the descriptions of these "Secret Yodas" were not correct, but then he said he could not expect definitions coming from people who had no true knowledge of quantum physics to be scientifically accurate – but the basic premise of what they described is true.

After following up with more research on philosophers, military men, politicians, scientists and more, he realized that all the great thinkers had stumbled onto this "quantum connectiveness" and used it in their own lives to succeed at those things they really wanted to accomplish .

He decreed that he needed to write a book about the topic from the scientific perspective, not just the woo-woo metaphysical, spiritual or religious viewpoint and share how our thinking actually creates our reality from a scientific perspective.

And that is why he decided to sit down and write "The Science Behind the Secret." His life's journey to this date led him to this point of trying to help people understand the quantum physics that lie within the heart of "The Secret."

This science shows us what most aboriginal or indigenous tribes have always known: we are all related. While what you think and emote has an effect upon yourself – more importantly – it affects everything and everyone around you.

Source by Laurie Brenner

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