The Quantum Photon Shuffler

At the core of every card room is a card shuffler which customers must know is 100% random.
The Quantum Photon Shuffler is an unpredictable, scientifically-proven quantum-mechanical process inside a special, impregnable, hack-proof "black box".

Based on the Quantis RNG, it generates purely random data using the simple, yet highly reliable and secure, mathematical representation of the behavior of photons (particles of light) when fired through a half-mirror. This is a mirror which allows only 50% of all light to be reflected while the other 50% passes through. As it is impossible to tell whether a specific photon will pass through or be reflected, the resulting data is totally random, both statistically and mathematically.

Then, just to be sure, the output of the RNG is monitored for randomness. If the data is clean, the string of code is translated into a freshly shuffled deck. This process is repeated again on the shuffled deck – ie a double shuffle.

The cards are then sent along a secure, encrypted line to the table.

It makes Poker4ever wonder what the competition's doing …

Over at the competition:

CEO: "They do what?"

SCIENTIST: "They generate purely random data by firing particles of light through a half-mirror which allows only half of that light to be reflected while the other half passes through."

CEO: "Yeah, so what?"

SCIENTIST: "So, since it's impossible to tell whether a photon will pass through or be reflected, the resulting data is a totally random string of ones and zeros, or binary code. secure mathematical representation. "

CEO: "Okay, so … let me get this straight. I bought all these computers and I'm paying this team of math freaks – and all poker4ever has to do is shine a flashlight through a piece of glass ??"

SCIENTIST: "A laser."

CEO: "A laser …."

SCIENTIST: "A laser."

CEO: "… and a piece of glass."

SCIENTIST: "Yes, through a half-mirror. And it's patented."

CEO: "They patented a piece of glass?"

SCIENTIST: "… with the laser."

CEO: "Well then, do not just stand there! Go get me a glass – of water! And some aspirin while you're at it!"

SCIENTIST: "Yes, sir."

Source by Pauline Andrew

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