Technology Meets Spirituality

First theorized in 1971, it's existence was not proven until 2008. It's the technology that will allow future technologies to manifest. It's literally the bridge, the shift in Energy, needed to redefine the "what" and the "how" of the what and how we do in technology, in science, in learning, and (with it's metaphoric counterpart), in living .

To understand this, let's look at what was:

Any electronic device we've ever used, from PC's to cell phones to TV's and microwaves, has some type of integrated electronic circuit board. Technology has been limited to using resistor's, capacitor's, and inductors in these tiny circuit boards. It's taken us far, but to go further, a "revolution" in circuitry has been needed.

Leon Chua, a Professor at UC Berkeley, was confounded by the asymmetric nature of electronic theory and electronic practice. Fro him, the practical application did not gel with the theory. There was some better way of doing things- like having a car run on all 4 cylinders instead of 3. Here's where he was:

Four fundamental circuit variables exist: current, voltage, charge, and flux (changes in voltage). While another may be theorized, it's still to manifest itself in anything other than deeply scientific and math heavy documents. Keep that in mind.

There were 3 defined relationships between these four fundamental variables. Resistors oppose the flow of an electric current, they relate voltage to current. Capacitors store energy in an electric field between two conductors, they relate charge to voltage. Inductors store energy in a magnetic field created by the electrical current running through it, and they relate flux to current.

The memristor introduces a fourth because Chua was crazy (or brave) enough to postulate that there must be something that related flux to charge. This something would remember changes in the current passing through it by changing its resistance.

So, what the hell does the memristor actually do?

1) It "remembers" the state of electrical charge that passed through it without itself consuming any electricity.

2) It can store values ​​other than "on" (1) and "off" (0). So far, ON or OFF was the only way we could store any data on a medium; a bit was on (electrically charged on the storage medium) or it was off. Off is 0, on is 1. To this day the heart of your PC, your CPU, beats to a binary code of zeroes and ones. Now it has the possibility of beating to 0.752 and 1.8349, etc. Before the Memristor, the technology we had could only allow us to capture the two crude states of spinning electricity within an electrical charge. Now, we can capture the minority variations of these crude states. In terms of technological advance, the memristor will make current supercomputers look like an unwiedly ax we've been trying to use before we knew how to use our thumbs.

3) The memristor itself uses no electricity whateversover. It emits no heat. It can be scaled to even smaller atomic sizes- the picture above from shows 17 memories lined up in a rudimentary memristor circuit, each memristor is 50 nanometers, about 150 atoms wide. Because of these three factors, future advances in nanotechnology, nanocomputing, and quantum computing are now possible.

HP Labs has already developed a memristor device that allows 100GB of information to be stored on a one square centimeter die. The closest thing we have to this is Flash Memory- what's used in digital cameras, but can only store about 17gb in one square centimeter die.

Taken through logical progress, this means that in another 6 months to a year, you can have a device the size of your iPod (or Zune) and instead of 250gb, you'll be getting 15+ TERABYTES.

Memristor devices will replace the RAM and Hard Drives that are used in PC's and other computing devices. When integrated with CPU's (the heart of your PC), instead of the 2.4 or 3.0 gigahertz we currently have, we'll have terahertz computing reasons, such as, 2400.0 or 3000.0 gigahertz.

This device, without using any energy at all, can remember the last charge that went through it, store it for years, decades, or centuries … and then allow itself to be "read" providing the last stored charge it had. Although the "current" theory and application may be reliably new, it's mimicking a spiritual theory long well understood and documented ….

Does this sound like anything you've deal with before? Does it sound amazingly similar to something many people are already familiar with:

Karma? Memory Channels? Latent reminders of past lives?

Karma has been equated to the storehouse of causes that bring effects. When a certain situation or event (electrical charge) parses a persons Karma (memristor), an output is determined based on the value of what was "read". And, even if you do not resonate with the word "Karma", maybe it's more appropriate to see it as the series of steps and conscious decisions you've been undertaken to get you where you are right now. All these steps have stored a certain value in our own energy- values ​​that make why we have certain habits of actions or thoughts explainable. If you're still not comfortable with the idea of ​​Karma, and the negative connotions it may carry, think of it as your chakras being as muddy blue (or yellow, or red) instead of clear and crisp blue ….

Do we need an experience to draw forth our Karma? We can clear and refocus our Karma and Memory Channels by something else.

The memristor is the quantum change needed to usher in new eras of technological advances. This change has happened because we've been lined up for it since one of the last massive shifts in technology. In 1983 could anyone have ever imagined how nerdy little Steve Jobs and his friend the Woz would create something out of mostly common electrical parts and radio shack diodes that would usher in an era of personal computers that has changed how humanity interacts with one another? I was rockin 'an Apple] [e with a duo disk drive and a US Robotics 1200bps modem in 1985 when I was 14. Before that, my only experience with a "computer" was with my moms clunky mainframe at her accounting office. Technology hadnt made the leap, and no one had even forseen the need to make the leap, from mainframe to home, until Jobs came along and did it. I've been using a PC ever since. That massive, yet subtle, shift in the technological paradigm- utilizing integrated circuit boards of microelectronics and creating a "mini" -frame computer aimed at people. 10 years later, in 1995, what is the current web was just taking shape. BBS's were being replaced by networks of servers linked together. Now, most of us can not live without the internet and a laptop. So, if that one little change in 1983 caused such a stir even 20 years later- imagine what the one little change in the theory of electronics will render …

Cleansing our Karma of negative and limiting beliefs, or just understanding that we can cleanse our Karma, is the quantum change we, as humans, need to usher ourselves to new levels or perception and understanding. To heal what needs to be healed. To charge us to follow our own path. Karma is a static memory our own Energy carries. Does it need to be addressed or cleaned or reset? Only you can answer that. The power lay in recognizing you have the choice to.

Remember the four fundamental circuit variables from above? Sure, a 5th has been theorized, and maybe it will take the memristor for us to figure out how it can be worked into reality. That's just the point though, it takes a breakthrough to make another breakthrough.

Just as Memristors store a certain value, many Energy and Light Workers (with many more being called to these fields every day) can help you help yourself to change those Karmic values. what breakthroughs are you ready to experience?

There are many amazing Light Workers and Energy Healers that can clear your Memory Channels, cleanse your Karma, before a situation arises where you must clear it yourself. Doing it myself was not the most pleasant experiences I've had, because I had to live through some sick situations to do it. Do not discount the minutiae. You can clear and cleanse your own Karmic Energy or an Energy worker or Light Healer can help you. I fully suggest utilizing their services. Their special gift of working with, and shifting, Energy, is something they have come to this plane of existence to do. Now. Especially in these times.

Source by J. Henry

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