Sync/Import contacts from outlook to blackberry preserving groups

Recently I assigned a task of importing 2700+ contacts to BlackBerry. All of these contacts were contained in 70 different groups inside MS Outlook contacts. Synchronization with BlackBerry is a easy task, but there is a major problem with BlackBerry. Problem is that, BlackBerry does not preserve the grouped contacts, instead it removes the groups and keeps the contacts only.

Now the question is how to over come this problem. Here i came across a workaround for this. BlackBerry does preserve categories if assigned in MS Outlook. So here are the step by step details to achieve this:

  1. Import or Organize all the contacts in Outlook which you need to sync with BlackBerry device.
  2. Assign Categories instead of Groups.
  3. Now connect your BlackBerry device, Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager and sync it with Outlook.
  4. After sync is complete, unplug the device and goto contacts
  5. Press the BB button and select ‘Filter’ as shown below.
  6. Now it shows a list of all the categories which you defined in Outlook earlier. Choose a category and it displays all the contacts in that category.
This is the only way i have found after struggling with it. Although it is not what was required but it does help to some extent.
Sometime later I will also write about importing contacts from MS Excel format to MS Outlook.

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