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While the Quantum Pendant is gaining in popularity because of the testimonials of its wearers; there are few places to find information on exactly what or how the pendant works. After some research and analysis we have put together the following to help people understand this remarkable little piece of jewelry.

Concept of Energy in Regard to Human Body's

The simple statement all life is energy, leaves a large space for clarification. The human body is comprised of nerves; each nerve puts off impulses that are the electrical currents that drive our bodies. Chemical energy powers our muscle structure.

Energy can not be describes as good or bad, it just is. We use electricity to run the machines that are used in medical settings it works to heal people; the same electricity is used to power the electric chairs that end life. It is just a matter of different frequencies and amplitude. Magnetic fields are used to peer within the body without invasive surgery. Scalar energy is just the application of science used as nature intended.

What is the Nature of Energy (The Hertzian Wave)?

Energy is characterized as particle and wavelike properties, they form either the structure of a sine wave or step wave. (Hertzian waves) All forms of energy conform with these two types of waveform, electricity, magnetism, light and sound. These waves rise and fall which is their frequency, the intensity of the rising and falling is their amplitude.

The Difference in Scalar Waves and Hertzian Waves

Scalar energy is entirely different and does not conform to the Hertzian principle. It is two physically identical waves that are in phase but out of phase temporarily. This means that these dimensional waves are out of sync by 180 degrees in terms of time. Unlike Hertzian waves they do not move in a line or beam; they are more like a solid field of energy that fills the space it inhabits. It travels through solid objects without losing intensity, or integrity. This inhabiting of a solid object allows it to be embedded in an object like the quantum pendant, once fused at the molecular level with other natural elements.


The Quantum pendant has been created using the latest in science technology to form a beneficial piece of jewelry that can and will repair the weakened energy fields of your body and allow your energy to maintain the frequencies needed to heal your physical ills. From the inside out, you will begin to feel a complete change within 24 hours of placing it around your neck. They will benefit you tremendously in many ways;

1. They will transfer health promoting energy frequencies to every cell in your body.

2. Once the scalar waves cross the cell membranes of every cell it will become optimized, nutrients will move in, and waste will move out as the metabolism rate increases.

3. Wearing the Quantum energy pendant constantly increases its effects and your health and well being will increase daily.

4. They can protect you from harmful EMF's and their debilitating energy.

The best way to learn about their beneficial effects is to wear one and judge for yourself. The reputable dealers provide money back guarantees for their Quantum pendant purchases and this alone should tell you of their faith in their product. Read some of thousands of testimonials that have been written by people just like you are wearing the pendant and receiving the full benefit of these wonders of nature.

Source by Ryan Shea

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