Quantum Mind Power – Does It Really Give You Quantum Mind Power Or Is It A Con? Find Out Now!

Quantum Mind Power is a new system that claims to help eliminate stress and tension without the user having to be good at meditation and claims to work for even a novice to the workings of meditation.

So how does Quantum Mind Power work?

Well the system was created by a guy called Morry Zelcovitch and is made up of monaural and isochronic tones that manipulate the brainwaves and can induce a relaxed state.

I will not go into the technical details as to be honest it is beyond me, although Morry claims to have studied with the leading brainwave researchers and the program took 15 years of research to complete.

So to recap as you know meditation requires practice but an experienced practitioner can go into deep stress relieving states using meditation. What the Quantum Mind Power program does is induce these states with no willpower from the user so all you need to do is listen to the "noise" and the program will induce these stress relieving states.

Part of the allure of the Quantum Mind Power is the fact that no effort is required and all you need to do is sit or lay back and let the program do its work.

Well I invested in Quantum Mind Power to see if it really did have an effect and when I first started listening it sounded like an out of tune television and a chopper in the background but I really wanted to stick with it to see if it really could help .

The "noise" that you listened to within the program is meant to be a mix of the isochronic and monaural tones that change the brainwave patterns to make you feel stress free in much the same way as meditation without the willpower.

So what benefits does the Quantum Mind Power program promise:

  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Motivation Will Be Boosted
  • A More Positive Outlook On Life
  • Enhanced Creativity

There were also many more benefits promised of the same elk, so that leaves the question does Quantum Mind Power actually work?

Well that really does depend on the user and having used it myself I must say that I do feel relaxed after a session with the Quantum Mind Power program.

However I am still not sure whether that is the place effect, making me feel relaxed.

That said, there are plenty of "Brainwave Entertainment" programs about and they cost so much more than the Quantum Mind Power program, so if you still have not got round to trying Brainwave Entertainment then I would recommend giving a go especially as it does come with a full 8 week guarantee.

Source by Christopher Luke Jones

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