[Legit] Download Latest Windows 10

[Legit] Download Latest Windows 10

Latest .ISO with Anniversary Update (Released on August 2016 by Microsoft)

(Note: This file is located at microsoft servers. This article is just a guide)

Step 1:

Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. From  HERE or HERE.

Step 2:

Before proceeding please make sure to have at least 8 GB free space in current windows drive.

Open the Media Creation Tool and Click the Accept.

Choose: Create installation media for another PC, Click Next

Uncheck: Use the recommended options for this PC

Select: Your desired Language of the Windows to be downloaded, Edition and Architecture. Click Next

Choose: ISO File (For saving the ISO and using it later whereever you want). In this case, after clicking next you will be asked to choose a location for saving the ISO file.


Choose USB Flash Drive (if you want to make a latest windows 10 bootable flash drive). In this case you need to insert a USB Flash drive (> 3GB) which will be formatted automatically.

Step 3:

After clicking next the ISO file will be downloaded to your chosen location and if you chose to make a Flash drive then it will format the flash drive and make it.

Downloading is a long process depending on your internet speed. File size is between 2.5 GB to 4.0 GB.

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