Is Quantum Computing Closer Than We Thought?

Quantum computing could pave the way for better computer hardware technology in the foreseeing future. Lets face it – 'It is no secret that silicon is reaching its limits for use in microprocessors', so what kind of technologies can we expect to emerge, and are they closer than we thought?

The most talked about topic you will hear about as regards future processors and technological progress is 'quantum computing'. At the moment – current processors use binary code consistent of 1's and 0's to follow instructions, encode, decode and perform calculations. But quantum technology will revolusionise current technology as the theory of quantum computing, is to manipulate the spin of electrons (quantum particles), so an electron can move in either of two directions, as well as having indeterminate spin positions, known as quantum states. This allows an electron to represent either '1' or '0' at the same time, which is the basis for the potentially huge power a quantum computer could provide.

Furthermore – When a quantum processor stores this information – it does so in 'quubits', amazingly – it can then arrange these simultaneously to acquire every possible exit. The power a quantum processor could provide would not just be beneficial to computers, but maybe would greatly help us to make future scientific and medical advances like never before? as current silicon based processors lack the power, efficiency and accuracy to calculate the complexity of molecules. The possibilities and practical applications of quantum processors though, are of course endless …

Source by Theodore Ross

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