How to transfer/assign windows user profiles to other domain\user

A User Profile  is where Windows  stores  your  stuff.  It  is where  your Desktop, “My
Documents”, “My Pictures” and “My Music” files are all saved. Your User Profile  is
also where Windows keeps all the information that makes your computer personal to
you, like your desktop wallpaper, Internet favorites and the lists of documents you’ve
recently opened. Programs specific configuration and preferences are also stored in the user profile. By default versions prior to Vista and windows 7 store user profiles in a folder named “Documents and settings\USERNAME” inside root of the installation drive. However windows vista and 7 use “Users\USERNAME” for this purpose.

In a domain or non domain environment, some times it is required to move a user profile from one domain to other without affecting any of the user settings and files. Some times it is also required to assign an existing user profile to another user. Such tasks are some times very problematic for the administrator. To combat such problems and make the user profile transfer tasks easy and painless,  “Forensit User Profile Wizard” jumps in the scene.

As businesses grow,  IT  requirements  change. You might need  to  reconcile multiple
NT domains into a single Windows Active Directory; you may need to move from a
Novell Directory  Services  (NDS)  network  to  a Windows  domain;  or  you may  be
connecting your standalone computers to a domain for the first time. When you join
your machine to your new domain Windows will create a new profile for you and you
lose all your data and settings.
This  is  the  problem User Profile Wizard  solves.  ForensiT User Profile Wizard  is  a
workstation migration tool that will join your machine to a domain, and migrate your
original user profile to your new domain logon so that you can carry on using all your
existing data, and keep the same settings that you’ve always had.

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How to Use Forensit User Profile Wizard

Here is the quick screenshot based guide to migrate a user profile residing locally on a workstation from one domain to another domain along with all user data in “Document and Settings” folder.

First of all, the system must be joined to the new domain already. If not join to the new domain first before running the User Profile Wizard.

After you have joined the new domain, logon to the system as new domain administrator and take the backup of subject user’s profile folder from “Document and settings” to another place such as another partition on the same system.

Now run the user profile wizard and follow the screenshot images as shown below.



In the following image, the currently joined domain name will appear automatically. Next choose the user account which exists on the newly joined domain. Leave the check box Set as default logon. Click next.


Next the program will scan the documents and settings folder of the windows, or users folder in case of vista and windows 7. It will show all the assigned profiles. If you have just copied the profile folder of some user from another location to “document and settings” or “users” folder on this computer then check the option “Show unassigned Profile” to see the user profiles which are currently not assigned to any user on this computer.

Here you have to choose the existing profile profile which you want to be assigned the user we have chosen in the previous step. i.e. User1 in our case. After choosing which profile to be assigned to User1, click next


The user profile wizard will try to communicate to the domain controller and bind the selected profile to the selected  user. If successful it will display such information of success or failure in the window as shown below. After successful migration, You can logoff the current user and login with that newly assigned user to verify that all the user profile’s data and preferences are migrated to the new user.


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