How to install Cisco VPN Client 5.0.x without Firewall

Sometimes when trying to install Cisco VPN client for windows it gives an error in the middle and refuses to complete the install process. This is very annoying. One reason for this could that the firewall component of the VPN client fails to install. We can do a workaround for this to complete the installation process. This way it skips the firewall installation and installs the vpn client only which runs just fine.

Please note this method only works for VPN client versions after 5.0. Beginning with VPN Client Release, an MSI installation flag was added to avoid the installation of firewall.

To do a custom install first we need to extract all the setup files in a new folder from setup.exe file using WINRAR or WINZIP or any other compression/decompression utility. Then open a command prompt window and cd to the newly created folder which contains extracted setup files.

Then run the following command in the cmd window:

msiexec.exe /i vpnclient_setup.msi DONTINSTALLFIREWALL=1

This way we can successfully install the vpn client without firewall.

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