God in Me

Since subjectivity is the key element of knowing the God, there is a distinct dividing line between believers and nonbelievers. For believers, the path to know God understands acceptance, love, and trust. Ultimate communion with God is a feeling of eternal joy, oneness, and liberation that is experienced in a deep state of prayer, meditation, and Samadhi. For nonbelievers, a proof positive based on objective material and perceptual reality.

One of the pioneers of quantum computing David Deutch said, "The hardware matters!" In this amazing game of existence, the observer or self sees to matter. What is observed, how it is observed, what is understood, or what meaning is historically assigned to the observation seems to matter. The love, kindness, empathy, curiosity, logic, anger, greed, separateness, or oneness is part of the personal reality of self. The relationship of self to whole is also a very subjective to self. The relationship on one self to the other selves is also subjective in meaning and significance. Is there an experience of oneness buried in all of us that is beyond subjectivity? Is it love that brings the experience of oneness? Is it when heart is full of gratitude, appreciation, love, empathy, and kindness the oneness arises?

At the most fundamental level, the whole transcends space-time that is the tiniest and the largest have no meaning. At this level, the cosmic mind is abstract, pure mathematical, quantized, and informational in nature. In its purity, it has no space and time constructures attached to it. It is everywhere and now all at the same time. Information, knowledge, and wisdom all merge into instantaneous knowing or known.

Can we understand our universe from this bottom-up approach where immaterial reality results into a material reality? A reductionist view may imply a yes. However, the answer is no. No matter how accurate our scientific or mathematical models become, a true understanding of comic mind needs a holistic view, involving experiential reality. How is that possible? You may ask. Universe is infinite and transcends outside space and time, all of us; our measuring instruments are all stuck as mere parts of space-time and have only an inside view of the system. You are right. If cosmic mind wanted to stay hidden from its inhabants, there would be no way for us to know its true nature. However, it is not so. The cosmic mind is a constant companion and participant of all actions taking place inside this grand mind. In the spirit of a true grand computing system, the cosmic mind incessantly calculates all its aspects, all entities living in, and their interactions at both physical and abstract level at all times. The results of such computations, the wave of guidance, are made available or sent back to all quantum, micro, or macro entities residing in the cosmic mind. Once tuned to this wave of information, it becomes a portal or door to enter or to know the mega computing system, the whole or the cosmic mind.

Saints and mystics through the world have described their experience of merging with this wave of guidance as the key step to commune with God. Because the wave of guidance is nonlocal information wave, its description had been a challenge. Whatever was really felt, it was difficult to describe it in terms of normal physical experiences. Most described it as a special sound. Most sounds hear by us have a source that produces them. Most of these sounds have intensities that diminish with distance from the source.

This sound, these masters claim, comes from no source. It has no origin, and it never ends. Its intensity never lessens and is independent of distance, time, or location. All masters, from all different era in time and location, have the same experience of hearing this sound. Ayurvedic spiritual masters have described this as a sound, an eternal sound. The Hindu word om, really represents this sound. The sound of om comes from the experience of this wave of guidance by the spiritual masters. In their deep experience of Samadhi, the sound of om is heard. Christian and Jewish masters heard this as "amen." Hindus consider om to be the supreme divine source, which created this universe.

For all the unconscious entities, the wave of guidance directs the entity to a preferred state of being. All entities, by default, follow the wave of guidance except for the ones with consciousness and free will such as us humans. We may choose to ignore messages from cosmic mind at will and follow the cue from our local rational mind. Once tuned, the wave of guidance projects a persona of personal guide or God to such entities. Such experiences are commonly reported by followers of many religions. The connection to this wave of guidance results in the description of the cosmic mind as the omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent God illusive to many and a constant companion to others. This wave of guidance and our ability to tune to it are the root of all religions, spirituality and mystic experiences, in my view.

While trekking down the road to digital Divine may paint a mental image of what may potentially be divine, the perception of true divinity can only come as a feeling. It needs a subjective self with a knowing of its true quantum nature. The subjective experience of "deep joy from within" is at the core of this reality. It is nothing short of enlightenment. May all arrive and get to drink this inoxicating divine sap.

An excerpt from the book Road to Digital Divine, Computational Nature of Mind and Matter

Source by Hemant K Gupta

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