Disable USB Flash Drives on Network or Remote Computer

USB Flash drives are very dangerous for network computers. These can brings viruses and other stuff like that on the network connected systems and some of them propagate them selves to all the systems. On the other hand Flash Drives are also a threat for the company’s secret data or information.

To prevent the use of Flash Drives, network administrators use different methods such as manually disabling all the usb ports on all the computers, using group policies to prevent the installation of usb flash drives or third party software.

I have also faced the same problem in my company, after trying various solutions as mentioned above, I discovered a great piece of utility software which solved all the problems related to USB Flash drives instantly. This tiny application runs directly without installation and it is very fast.

Just put in the IP address of the system for which you need to disable or enable USB Storage feature, give the administrative user name and password for that computer and optionally domain name or computer name if the user is local for that computer. Select “Disable USB drives” option and click submit . Please note that the remote computer must be up and running and must be pingable. On some computers the drives are disabled after rebooting the computer after using this tool.

usb disabler remote

Download Here

(Freeware, Windows Version)

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