Amazon News – Latest news about Amazon

Amazon News – Latest news about Amazon

Amazon is the largest online shop operator in the world. There’s nothing on Amazon that doesn’t exist. Regardless of whether Technology products, toys, Books or Food – Amazon offers everything your heart desires.

Amazon News – There’s a lot to report

Meanwhile, Amazon is also a manufacturer of its own products. So the group sells under the name Amazon basics not only cheap accessories, but is also a manufacturer of other products.

Under the name of echo For example, different speakers are available from Amazon. They are optimized for use in the smart home. If you prefer to take care of Amazon’s streaming offers instead or in addition, you can use the Fire TV products from Amazon well served. And of course there is Fire tablets and Kindle e-reader.

Register with Amazon Prime and benefit from many advantages

By the way: whoever is for Amazon Prime signs up, benefits from many advantages such as faster shipping of goods, exclusive offers or access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music.


Amazon Prime Video Live: Amazon wants to become a television broadcaster

Woman in front of television

Amazon has applied for a license for a live radio station in Germany. The linear channel is apparently intended primarily for live broadcasts. We’ll show you what is known so far and what the station is broadcasting.


“Lord of the Rings” series: Amazon reveals new, exciting details

"The Lord of the Rings" ring

We’ll probably have to wait almost a year before the new “Lord of the Rings” series starts on Prime Video. But now a few new, very interesting details have become known; and already officially confirmed by Amazon.


Microsoft 365 Family at half price: Office subscriptions at Amazon significantly reduced

Renew Abe - Microsoft Office 365 license box

Even today, the online retailer has a deal on Microsoft 365, which is available in the family version again at almost half the price. Here we show why the offer is worthwhile and where the trick is.


Frustrating occasion: Google, Apple & Amazon ban popular network


Several tech giants ended their collaboration with the Parler social network almost simultaneously. The portal is said to have been used by right-wing extremists as a place of retreat and planning. But the Parler CEO gives an entirely different reason.


These are the 10 most popular films of 2020 on Amazon, Netflix and Co.

These are the 10 most popular films of 2020 on Amazon, Netflix and Co.

Which films did you see in 2020? You can still watch the most popular film of the year for free on Amazon today. We’ll tell you which award-winning and at the same time grotesque mixture of thriller and drama it is and which film made it into the top 10 due to the corona pandemic.


“Star Trek: Lower Decks”: New Amazon Original is different than you think


Just laugh when you watch a “Star Trek” series? Yes, that is possible. In the latest production “Star Trek: Lower Decks” namely. Sure, it’s about science fiction. But there is also a good helping of comedy.


Amazon Prime Video: These are the new films and series for January

Woman in front of television

Is Amazon just an online shop selling books and other goods? That was once! Amazon offers a lot more – especially for Prime customers. Prime Video allows access to many current series and films, for example. Here we summarize the new content that will be available shortly.


Prime Video: “Vikings” ends today – with a big surprise?

Vikings Season 6B

From today on Amazon Prime Video will tell “Vikings” to the end. A trailer makes you want more. Because there seem to be impossible twists and turns in the last season. But there is also bad news for fans of the Viking saga.


Return policy and exchange: You have to pay attention to this

Package from Amazon

What should you do if the DVD was under the Christmas tree twice or the new headphones did not deliver the sound you wanted? Many consumers are convinced that in such cases they can easily exchange the goods at the retailer. Wrongly.


Return a gift? You need to know these 6 tips and tricks

Returning a gift: You have to consider this when returning a gift

There was another present under the Christmas tree that made you think, “Holy Bimbam!” We’ll show you what you can return, what cannot be returned and how much time you have to return the unsuitable gift.

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