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Amazon is the largest online shop operator in the world. There’s nothing on Amazon that doesn’t exist. Regardless of whether Technology products, toys, Books or Food – Amazon offers everything your heart desires.

Amazon News – There’s a lot to report

Meanwhile, Amazon is also a manufacturer of its own products. So the group sells under the name Amazon basics not only cheap accessories, but is also a manufacturer of other products.

Under the name of echo For example, different speakers are available from Amazon. They are optimized for use in the smart home. If you prefer to take care of Amazon’s streaming offers instead or in addition, you can use the Fire TV products from Amazon well served. And of course there is Fire tablets and Kindle e-reader.

Register with Amazon Prime and benefit from many advantages

By the way: whoever is for Amazon Prime signs up, benefits from many advantages such as faster shipping of goods, exclusive offers or access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music.


Prime Video: “Vikings” ends today – with a big surprise?

Vikings Season 6B

From today on Amazon Prime Video will tell “Vikings” to the end. A trailer makes you want more. Because there seem to be impossible twists and turns in the last season. But there is also bad news for fans of the Viking saga.


Return policy and exchange: You have to pay attention to this

Package from Amazon

What should you do if the DVD was under the Christmas tree twice or the new headphones did not deliver the sound you wanted? Many consumers are convinced that in such cases they can easily exchange the goods at the retailer. Wrongly.


Return a gift? You need to know these 6 tips and tricks

Returning a gift: You have to consider this when returning a gift

Once again there was a present under the Christmas tree that made you think, “Holy Bimbam!” We’ll show you what you can return, what cannot be returned and how much time you have to return the unsuitable gift.


Got a voucher from Amazon? This is how you get more out of it

Got a voucher from Amazon?  This is how you get more out of it

Did you get a voucher from Amazon for Christmas? We give you 5 tips on how you can get even more out of the voucher. In the best case, a 50-euro voucher becomes a 100-euro voucher.


New Echo Dot 4: Smart Speaker now at half price

The Amazon Echo Dot 4 Smart Speaker

It was only in the autumn that Amazon presented a whole range of new smart speakers, TV sticks and the like. The fourth generation of Echo speakers with Alexa voice control got off to a promising start. Now the smallest echo is much cheaper.


Free on Amazon: One of the best film series of all time

Free on Amazon: One of the best film series of all time

Just in time for Christmas, Amazon is adding a cult film to its program for Prime customers. If you don’t feel like watching classic Christmas films, you can now watch the five-part film series free of charge, in which Bruce Willis probably plays the role of his life.


Parcel jam in lockdown: will my gifts arrive before Christmas?

A Hermes delivery person with parcels in front of his vehicle.

It is the worst case for retail: a lockdown just before Christmas. But even if online retailers are now happy – they too are facing problems. Because capacity is already at the limit due to the Christmas business. Where can you still order now?


Finally: Sky customers receive apps that they have been waiting for a long time

Prime Video on Sky

Use several Internet streaming providers on one platform. Sounds too good to be true? Sky now makes this even more possible. Because from now on Amazon Prime Video is also part of the Sky Q platform.


Alexa skills for Christmas: you need to know these tricks

Amazon Echo Studio on a sideboard

It’s Christmas time – and Alexa is celebrating with you. This works not only with standard commands, but with specific Christmas skills. Sing, hear stories and call Santa Claus. We’ll show you which Alexa tricks you need to know for Christmas.


Not available: This is why many Christmas gifts are currently not available

Sea containers in the port

The Playstation 5 is perhaps the most prominent example: some technology items are currently very rare or have long delivery times. Even Amazon is affected and can only deliver its own Amazon echoes in a few weeks. The reason is as simple as it is serious.

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