Well what CDs did he not take?

59 thoughts on “Well what CDs did he not take?

  • Living in France in university days, my student residence was broken into. They took everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, even down to clothes and tins of tuna, along with obviously my laptop and anything of any value.

    They left Meatloaf’s ‘Hits out of hell’ on my desk. They had to have stood in my room and go through my CD wallet in order to be able to do this.

    Sickest burn I’ve ever received.

  • Someone broke into my car and stole my boyfriend’s vape (but not the vape juice) and his cologne. Didn’t touch the change in the cup holder at all. They also stole my blanket from the back seat.

  • Once, when I went camping with some friends, I took with me ~50 litres of alcohol I had not previously found a reason to drink over the past 2-3 years. Mostly spirits, liqueurs, and home-brewed mead.

    When I got home with circa 15L left, it was late so I left it in the car without noticing you could see the booze from a side window.

    Some bastard, not realising that this was the alcohol you wouldn’t even drink at 3am in a tent at the back end of beyond, broke into my car to steal it.

    I found a partly drunk bottle of banana liqueur about 10m down the street. Nothing else was taken.

  • Back when people kept that giant bag of CD’s in their car, my dad’s truck got broken into and that’s the only thing that was taken. About a week later we find the case on our driveway with everything in it.

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