Amazing Camper Ecocapsule – Your new self-sustainable microhome | Technology 2019

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Technology 2019 “Technology 2019” “Tech 2019”

Ecocapsule® Your new self-sustainable microhome | Technology 2019

We’re happy to present a beautiful, smart, self-sustainable and mobile micro home – Ecocapsule.

About Ecocapsule
Ecocapsule® is a smart, self-sustainable micro-home, which utilizes solar and wind energy. It allows you to stay in remote places out of reach of infrastructure, with the luxury of a hotel room. Ecocapsule® is your design way to independent housing. It can serve as a cottage, pop-up hotel, caravan, mobile office, research station, or anything you want it to be. We have engineered the product from scratch to be as self-sufficient, practical and functional as possible. Join us and change the world – starting with yours.

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