Meltdown and Spectre CPU Vulnerability Checker for Linux 2018

Length: 3:21

Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability Checker for Linux 2018
Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors.
These hardware vulnerabilities allow programs to steal data which is currently processed on the computer.
Today in this video I’m gonna show you how to check your Linux PC CPU for Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability so that u can aware of this vulnerability
and protect your self from it.

Is there a workaround/fix?
There are patches against Meltdown for Linux:

Which systems are affected by Meltdown?
effectively every processor since 1995 (except Intel Itanium and Intel Atom before 2013).
Almost every system is affected by Spectre: Desktops, Laptops, Cloud Servers, as well as Smartphones. More specifically, all modern processors capable of keeping many instructions in flight are potentially vulnerable.
In particular, verified Spectre on Intel, AMD, and ARM processors.

For More information Chechk that link :

Spectre-Meltdown-Checker – Spectre & Meltdown Vulnerability/Mitigation Checker For Linux

Github Repo :

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