Florida 911 dispatch supervisor was watching Netflix while caller tried to get help after shooting

Florida 911 dispatch supervisor was watching Netflix while caller tried to get help after shooting

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46 thoughts on “Florida 911 dispatch supervisor was watching Netflix while caller tried to get help after shooting

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  • Make sure you get to the bottom:

    > The first person who answered Herrera’s call was fired. The second person was first disciplined and also fired.

    So both people that actually took the calls and should have dispatched the officers screwed it up (and the supervisor didn’t catch it).

    I think the supervisor should be canned too, but evidently they didn’t think she was entirely responsible (as the whole article kind of implies).

  • Man, I cannot fathom how she thought she’d get away with this.

    I also can’t fathom how things like netflix weren’t blocked from the work computers.

    The third thing I can’t fathom is that “reaction” thing at the bottom. 24 votes when I looked. 13 were angry, but 5 found it funny, and 3 were happy about it. How are people amused or happy about emergency service dispatchers being so distracted by netflix that they report a drive-by shooting as a “suspicious incident”.

  • “Should I have not done that? I tell you, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing was frowned upon, you know, ’cause I’ve worked in a lot of offices and I tell you people do that all the time.”

  • Am I the only one that doesn’t understand what happened from reading the article?

    So apparently the supervisor was watching Netflix, but two other people answered the phone calls, why didn’t they send the police?

    Are supervisors supposed to hear all the calls, are they the only ones that can send the police?, I don’t understand.

  • My significant other just left a 911 position earlier this year in Southern Florida. Favoritism and laziness run rampant in our local dispatch and call center. The operators, dispatchers, and supervisors were constantly distracted while she was on shift. They had 8 TVs in the “pit” that are there for severe weather and other emergency situations to help them stay informed, but they were always tuned to sports or movies. That doesn’t include those that were wearing headphones and being distracted by their phones. A lot of other shit went on, but I can’t go into more detail without outing her or the specific department. It is utterly fucking ridiculous what these people get paid and to not have proper measures in place to ensure they are performing their duties.

  • Disclaimer: I didn’t read the story. I wanted to comment that headlines like this piss me off, trying to set up civilians for righteous indignation against public employees. Spoiler alert, I’m a public employee. I don’t care how salacious the details of the article are. If the public continues to short staff, underpay, and over work their public employees via their elected officials, they should expect occasional poor performance. Most dispatchers and police work 12 hour shifts, fire fighters and EMT’s often work 24 hour shifts. People working long shifts like this, intentionally exposing themselves to trauma for the benefit and protection of the public need a break sometimes. You can’t expect people to be on edge like a coiled spring for their full shift. If you do, IMO you’re being unrealistic. If you want better returns, pay more and hire more employees.

  • My s.o. was shot at a few years ago, and the 911 operator straight up just told him the police weren’t going to respond because he wasn’t hurt. Priorities for these types of calls are shockingly low.

  • This article doesn’t do a good enough job explaining what the situation is. New york times has a better article [https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/05/us/911-call-supervisor-netflix.html](https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/05/us/911-call-supervisor-netflix.html) or the sun sentinal [https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/coral-springs/fl-ne-coral-springs-police-netflix-missed-call-20191104-ak55nl4cerf6rllxdksgzode44-story.html](https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/coral-springs/fl-ne-coral-springs-police-netflix-missed-call-20191104-ak55nl4cerf6rllxdksgzode44-story.html)

    The woman in question had somebody shoot her windshield when she called 911, the first dispatcher screwed up and logged it as a suspicious activity rather than shooting. The article doesn’t say what happened with the victim’s second call but again doesn’t appear anybody got dispatched. It is noted that the dispatchers wear headphones so a supervisor doesn’t really overhear any of the calls coming in so they would rely on their screens.


    Part of the reason she wasn’t fired was a lack of policy, there wasn’t any policy about streaming media though that was quickly rectified and the actual screw up came from the dispatchers. There were also questions about if she was even watching the show, she has five screens and it might have been playing it in the background so there isn’t proof of wrongdoing.

  • Christ. I live in Florida and cannot express the lack of giving a shit they had when I called 911. I googled the police departments number and called directly and they sent someone immediately. 911 never dispatched.

    Oh i was assaulted… if you’re curious. They gave zero fucks. I called 3 times then called the police.

    They’re total shit. Call the police directly… they actually care.

  • 2 incidents of dispatchers not labeling the call properly, and one instance of the supervisor not monitoring calls properly. It sounds like the supervisor was not doing her job. I bet if you get all those employees talking, they will say the supervisor is lazy.

  • I suspect this kind of thing is way more common than we hear about in the news.

    I was once hit and run while I was biking; I got the plates, so I called 911. The operator was super rude and said I was probably in the wrong because bicyclists are usually wrong. She also suggested that I should just let it go as I wasn’t actually bleeding. She then asked me to wait exactly where I was right now (despite me repeatedly saying that it was cold and dark out) because an officer was on the way to get my statement. I waited >40min and no one came, so I called again. The same lady picked up the second call (just my luck) – she told me that it might take until another hour or more and to go home if that doesn’t work for me, so I just left.

  • Are they expected to just sit and stare at the phone until it rings??

    If she LEFT THE ROOM to go watch Netflix elsewhere, yes that’s insanely fucked up, but I’m confused how watching something on her phone while sitting at her desk would cause her to miss a 911 call…..something’s missing here

  • This is so sad to hear. I’m a 911 operator in Texas and I watch Netflix/Youtube on my phone a lot at work (more so usually on weekends, typically too busy during the week.) I’ve i’m on the work phone (admin or emergency) I NEVER have my cell phone playing anything. That’s just common sense.

  • “When seconds count, police are just minutes away!” …if they actually take your call and dispatch officers.

    Don’t rely on the police alone, arm yourselves as you’re responsible for your own safety.

  • I go to dispatch centers all of the time and almost always they are just watching TV because nothing is happening most of the day. Some of them even just sleep and have sounders wake them up. I think people would be shocked to see how poorly some of these places are run and the people who are operating them are some of the most depressed and angry people I have ever met.

    Edit: I feel I may have given the impression that I think dispatchers are bad people but I don’t mean it like that. I mean just in my experiences they appear like that to me and there are reasonable reasons they may be like that related to performing a stressful job.

  • When I hear things like this I always wonder about the benefit of AI could provide, and then I think about how people won’t have a job because of their replacement via AI. But don’t some people earn their replacement ? Poor work ethic has a resolution that can be found in AI ?

  • Hurricanes, Gators, trailer parks, gangbangers, crazed idiots, sex fiends, swamps, carnivorous bugs, lime disease, wack ass drivers, old people…

    And horrible 911 dispatchers are now added to the list of reasons not to live in Florida.

  • No one going to talk about how great it is that some guy that nearly shot a woman in the head as she in her car is under arrest? People (apparently) randomly shooting at people is scary AF.

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