TIL it is illegal under German law to deny the holocaust and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

TIL it is illegal under German law to deny the holocaust and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

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28 thoughts on “TIL it is illegal under German law to deny the holocaust and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

  • Such a contrast from Japan’s attitude (one of the axis powers in WW2), where warcrime denial is encouraged by the right-wing goverment. And the fact that Shinzo Abe, the current PM of Japan, is the grandson of a class A war criminal, explains his intentions to change the narrative to remove the stains on his family and Imperial Japan’s legacy.

    That is why South Korea and Japan can never get along, despite having many things in common. Comfort women, aka hundreds and thousands of girls (mostly Korean) forced into sexual slavery and systematically raped by the Imperial Japanese Army – is dismissed as Korean propaganda to this day. A week ago, an exhibition in Japan tried to display a comfort women statue but was taken down due to death threats, and even the mayor of the city asking for it to be taken down. It tells alot about Japanese society when a mayor can openly deny warcrimes publicly with zero backlash, and rather it increases his popularity with the right-wing/anti-korean populace.

    Because these fundemental historical issues weren’t addressed properly for decades, the relations between the two have now devolved into a trade war and possibly worse in the near future. Looking at this mess, it reminds me how well-handled Germany was in education after Nazi germany’s downfall.

  • What I never understand, lets assume you are a like KKK member, Neo-Nazi, whatever what do you gain from saying it did not happen? would those people not rather argue something crazy like “oh they deserved it etc.” because it did happen and you can actually visit the concentration camps like Auschwitz and co.

  • Germany has good reason to do all they can to stamp out Nazism.

    Edit: for the dum-dums, Germany has had the ability to change this law and their constitution for decades and hasn’t. They are by no means an “occupied” country.

  • I read a lot of comments in here who, as far as I understand it, miss the point of this law.

    It was implemented after the second WW to prevent the people growing up under the swastika and in the Hitler-Jugend, the ones who just lost a war, to indoctrinate their children with false information.
    Basically everyone in Germany was part of the war-Maschine and played their part in the atrocities of this time… some actively, others just by looking away.

    Letting those people tell their offspring that “things where not that bad” and “I’ve never seen a concentration camp” would’ve let to the next generation doubting the proven fact that the holocaust actually took place.
    The nazi area gets taught excessively in German schools, every German is educated in most aspects of the third-reich. People can ask questions and it’s encouraged to talk about it. What’s forbidden is the spreading of lies and “alternative facts” because it would be devastating if we would forget our history and repeat it.

  • A far cry from how Japan handles their atrocious warcrimes – quite the opposite, with members of the Japanese government not only outright denying or denoucing their rampage through East Asia, but continuing to be largely unrepentant and allowing nationalist groups to troll and shut down exhibits or anything that mentions it.

  • You’re an idiot if you can honestly say the holocaust never happened. The nazis documented everything, not to mention the numbers on prisoners arms. 5 years isn’t long enough in my opinion.

  • I get that but I disagree (maybe because I’m an American). I’m Jewish and I get pissed off at Holocaust deniers but I feel punishing them encourages the behavior because they see it as “I’m being punished for telling the truth”. I see this mindset a lot on 4chan’s /pol/. Eventually they’ll grow up or maybe they won’t.

  • And yet most other countries still continue to not teach the terrible things they did in history.

    I mean ffs, I saw a 2012 study where Oliver Cromwell was voted the 10th greatest Briton in History by tge British public. OLIVER FRICKIN CROMWELL!!!

  • So many people in this thread think that only stupid people deny the Holocaust because the evidence is overwhelming.

    It is overwhelming evidence, but fascists don’t care about that.
    There’s overwhelming evidence that immigrants are a benefit to communities. There’s overwhelming evidence that global warming is real and man-made and needs to be dealt with in the next decade to have any hope. There’s overwhelming evidence that Trump is a racist and a misogynist. There’s overwhelming evidence that having a huge number of easily accessible guns in America, leads to more mass shootings, and that this is not helped by having a president who courts white nationalism. There’s overwhelming evidence that black people, women, gay people, trans people, disabled people are disadvantaged by a society that at best doesn’t consider them, and at worst vilifies them. There’s overwhelming evidence that perpetual economic growth is physically unsustainable. There’s overwhelming evidence that capitalism is killing the planet and everything on it and that it needs to end if we want to save the planet.

    People deny these things anyway. Because it benefits them personally to deny it.

    Nazis deny the Holocaust. Whether they believe that or not is irrelevant. They’re trying to make Nazis seem less bad. That is fucking despicable. The only reason to defend Nazis is if you’re a fucking Nazi yourself.

    First they say it wasn’t that big.
    Then they say it didn’t happen.
    Then they say they deserved it.
    Then they do it again.

  • There are always going to be idiot deniers, but this law is some thought police bullshit. How are they going to catch me if I tell them I don’t believe in gravity? I’ll just fucking float away.

  • Well my state, Missouri, is trying to pass legislation that redefines the Holocaust. The current definition states it was done in “Nazi concentration camps.” Yeah, well we’re trying get rid of that pesky language.

  • I’m german, I don’t really like this law for a couple reasons

    1. Since you can’t openly deny the Holocaust, you can’t be ridiculed for denying it either

    2. Deniers won’t change their mind, just isolate their views and radicalize them even further

    3. We have no clue how many people actually deny the holocaust so there is no way for us to know how bad the denier situation is.

    Just my two cents

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