Nearly All CPUs Vulnerable: Explaining Meltdown & Spectre

Length: 14:37

Explaining the Meltdown & Spectre exploits at a top-level, along with how they impact Intel, AMD, and ARM, particularly Intel.
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We’re talking about Meltdown and Spectre today, two new attacks that affect nearly all modern CPUs. The Meltdown attack is the worse of the two, and presently has known impact to at least 10 years of Intel CPUs, with potential performance deficits in some applications from the solution. AMD and ARM don’t get away clean, though, and are also affected by kernel-level exploits which attack using branch prediction vectors, using “Spectre.” Between these two attacks, nearly every CPU on the market is impacted in some way. Security advisories and updates are already going out, and we should know more on January 9th about the performance hit from these updates.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman


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