How to recall a sent message in Outlook

Often there is a situation in which you want to recall your own sent email message to do some changes or for any other reason, here is a way to recall the sent message.
Message (E-mail) recall can delete or replace copies of message in recipients inboxes, if they have not yet read the message.

Open MS Outlook go to “Sent Item” folder open your already send message which you want to recall,
  • In “MS Outlook 2003” click on “Actions” menu then click on “Recall This Message…” option
  • In “MS Outlook 2007” click on “Other Actions” menu and then click on “Recall This Message…” option.
  • In “MS Outlook 2010” click on “File” menu then click “Resend or Recall” button.

Just try it and reply this.


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